Unconventional Ministry

Unconventional Ministry #43 with Farah Saada (Part 2/2)

January 28, 2020

Ms. Saada is the Chief Operating Officer at Hope for Ishmael. She is the daughter of Tass Saada, a former Fatah fighter and sniper under Yasser Arafat. She tells his story of how he came to America as an immigrant and started a family, later becoming a new man after accepting Jesus as his Savior. She shares her perspective as well, explaining what it was like being raised initially with a Muslim background and a father she felt very distant from for much of her life. Once her dad became a Christian, he felt God gave him a mission to reconcile Arabs and Jews, and he founded the nonprofit Hope for Ishmael. The whole family is involved with this organization now, operating both in the US and the Middle East.